Welding jigs

Our factory manufactures welding jigs for those companies, which prioritize the highest quality and speed of welding. When using welding jigs produced by Sumar Tools plant customers underscore the ease of fixation and solid connection of future constructions parts. Thus, welding is performed without any unnecessary inconvenience and the process is controlled much more efficiently.

Welding jigs are used for:

– fixation of pipe rotation,
– welding of metal beams,
– mechanical fixation of welding structures,
– welding of products with complex geometry.

Our company’s welding jig is available in different sizes and equipped with:

– hydraulic clamps,
– pneumatic clamps,
– electromagnetic clamps,
– vacuum clamps.

With this equipment, it takes very little effort to easily fix the parts of the future construction in the right position.

Serious industries quite quickly come to the use of welding jigs, as they significantly save labor and material consumption.
How much does a welding jig made at Sumar Tools Factory cost?
We will be happy to answer this question after we receive the dimensions and other details of the welding conductor you are interested in.

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