Sumar Tools – company with almost 30 years experience of manufacturing dies and injection moulds. We provide our customers full production cycle from design to readiness for series-production.
The main principle of SumarTools is to ensure that the project meets the goals within the established deadlines, budget and quality.

Injection moulds

Cold/Hot runner injection moulds, 2-components plasticsinjection moulds, Thin wall packaging injection moulds...

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Die Tools

Cutting and bending, tungsten carbide precision dies, progressive dies, deep drawing dies.

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Injection molds for aluminum or zinc / coquille

Injection molds for aluminum and zinc casting have been produced at Sumar Tools for many years and are successfully used for casting various parts for mechanical engineering...

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Pre machining

The level of our CNC machines allows us to do complex 5-axis and 7-axis special machining of metal parts. CAD design, machining, quality check

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Welding Jigs and Measuring Devices

From small to large batches or for individual products and product lines. For manual welding as well as robot welding.

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Measuring devices

Measuring devices are used in a very wide range of different spheres of production. The most popular of these are...

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