Die tools

In the course of work, quality control and verification is constantly carried out. We use reliable suppliers of materials and components, which allows us to increase the life of die tools significantly.

Each die tool is made on the basis of drawings or designed by our experienced designers in accordance with the expectations of the customer.

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Material for making a die tool

The die tool manufacturing technology depends on the future operating conditions of the die stamping equipment and the load on them. And here the customer needs to immediately decide on two main questions: What material will the product or subproduct be made of? What production load should be carried out by the die tool: small-scale, piece or mass production?

For the processing of non-ferrous metals and thin sheet steel, common high-strength alloys are used. When working in more severe conditions, the matrix metal undergoes additional surface hardening (quenching). Die tools at our plant can also be made with additional coating (PVD coating), which extends their operation time to the maximum and allows you to save on maintenance in future.

It is the cooperation with only reliable suppliers of materials that allows you to increase significantly the working life of the die tools produced at Sumar Tools plant. For the manufacture of die tools, we use high-quality tool steels from companies such as Uddeholm (Sweden) and Böhler (Austria).

What types of die tools can be ordered from Sumar Tools plant? The main types of die tools for metal that are produced at the Sumar Tools plant:

  Punching die tool

More than 95% of the total volume of work on sheet-metal forming is done by punching out the parts. Punching is commonly used in cold forming operations. The technological process can imply both the initial production from a strip or tape by punching the product, and an intermediate or final stage (for example, during perforation forming).

Drawing die tool

It presses volumetric shapes through sheet metal: grooves, channels, spherical recesses. Or it draws out of the subproduct with an increase in its linear dimensions (often used in the production of metal packs).

Molding die tool

It is designed to change the shape and size of subproducts obtained from a sheet, strip or thin-walled semi-finished products. In the process of shaping, they are deformed plastically, without leading to a destruction.

Combined die tool

It uses several die stamping operations in one cycle. The universal die tools are complex equipment and require careful engineering calculations when designing.

Progressive stamping die tool and double-action die tool

For each mold action, one part is issued, which requires several sheet forming operations during the manufacture. In multi-stage die tools, the most common operations used are punching, perforating, drawing, bending and flanging.

Bending die tool. 

It modifies sheet metal geometry in straight lines. Sometimes it cuts additional holes, but does not create relief shapes. Bending die tools are common on production lines that make simple parts.

Stamping die tool

It is used when creating relief prints on metal surfaces.

Crimping die tool

It folds and crimps the sheet subproduct in accordance with the shape of the matrix and the program included in the algorithm of the machine’s operation.

Combined die tool

It uses several stamping operations in one cycle at once. Universal die tools refer to complex equipment and require careful engineering calculations when designing.

Tandem die tool

Tandem die tools are used to bend metal into various shapes using matrices.

If you are interested in ordering a die tool or if you have additional questions, we will be happy to talk to you.

Repair of die tooling.

In the course of work, any die tools meet with critical loads due to the high pressure that accompanies the process. As a result, the tooling can develop cracks, grooves or wear recesses. Such defects reduce the quality of the products obtained, therefore, one cannot manage without repairing the elements of the die tooling. Since it is a fairly frequent request from manufactures that are engaged in the serial production of metal products, the Sumar Tools plant, in addition to producing the die tools themselves, also offers a service for repairing die stamping tooling.

You can order from us:

• repair of die tooling;
• modernization of the existing production equipment;
• manufacturing of duplicate tooling;
• individual design of die tools.

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