Injection molds for aluminum or zinc die casting

Injection molds for aluminum and zinc casting have been produced at Sumar Tools for many years and are successfully used for casting various parts for mechanical engineering, household appliances and many other areas.

Designing and manufacturing of aluminum die casting molds is a very complex process and therefore more specific than tooling for plastic molding. This is due to the fact that the molds themselves have larger dimensions and a complex design process due to the frequent need to control the spillage of parts in the injection mold.

High-quality injection molds for aluminum and zinc die casting made by Sumar Tools.

– Mold design considering all customer requirements.

– Project optimization to find the most profitable solutions in production.

– Our own fleet of precision machines. 

– Reconciliation of the casting drawing and its simulation for shedding.

Additional features 

If necessary we offer a die tool for sprue cutting complete with an injection mold for aluminum or zinc die casting.

Sumar Tools is experienced in manufacturing various types of coquilles of different complexity.

Due to large fluctuations in temperature and mechanical stress, the materials used for manufacturing the coquilles are subject to various special requirements. Coquilles are made of alloy steel.
Advantages of coquille casting:
– Reduced or no costs related to casting channel system due to reduced metal volume.
– Automated work process.
– Multiple use of the mold (coquille).
– High-precision of castings due to their fine grain structure.
– Reducing need for additional mechanical processing.

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