DC casting

DC casting

The Direct Chill (DC) casting process has been used commercially since the 1930s for the production of non-ferrous billets and ingots for further processing.

The Direct Chill casting or coquille casting is metal casting performed by filling coquilles. Coquille (“shell” in French) is a reusable metal mold with natural or forced cooling, which is filled with molten metal.

Due to large fluctuations in temperature and mechanical stress, the materials used for manufacturing the coquilles are subject to various special requirements. Coquilles are commonly made of alloy steel. At the same time, aluminium alloys are used for producing castings of small details.
The advantages of DC casting:

  • Reduced or no costs related to casting channel system due to reduced metal volume.
  • Automated work process.
  • Repeated use of the mold (coquille).
  • Particularly high precision of castings, resulting from their fine-grain structure.
  • Reduced need for additional mechanical processing.

Sumar tools factory has the experience of manufacturing coquilles at different level of complexity and factory representatives are ready to offer the most suitable design solution in cooperation with the client.

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