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Precision machining and serial machining are one of the main services of Sumar Tools besides the manufacturing of plastic injection moulds and dies tools for metal.
The high-quality level and accuracy of this service is ensured by the fact that the Sumar Tools plant is equipped with modern robotic equipment for the production of serial and individual, high-precision parts.
Another advantage of Sumar Tools is the ability to produce products from samples to large series. That fact allows us successfully complete orders for both small customers and global corporations.
Today, Sumar Tools provides special machining services for metal parts to companies from such industries as:
Mechanical engineering
Aerospace industry
Equipment for fluid and hydraulics
Oil and gas industry

Green Energy

Technology, machines fleet and professional equipment of Sumar Tools plant allows us to create CNC machined parts with unrivaled speed. Projects, which require special precision and approach are taken by our team as an opportunity for growth and gaining invaluable experience.
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Ball body
Hydraulic elemen
Drilling head
Form for tires
Turbine blade
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Will Sumar Tools handle my machining order?
The level of our CNC machines allows us to do complex 5-axis and 7-axis machining of metal parts. Such processing makes it possible to manufacture highly precision parts, and that is why it is in great demand in such complex industries as aerospace and mechanical engineering. The main advantages of such machining are:

the principle “done in single setup”

means that one processing is performed at one installation. CNC machines in Sumar tools plant utilize cutting edge of 5 and 7 different angles/axes, which substantially reduce turnaround time by eliminating intermediate setups and enabling undercuts and off-axis features.

access to difficult parts of the geometry of the product

and the ability to avoid collisions with the tool holder due to the fact that you can tilt the tool and the mill-turn table.

achieved by turning the tool and table optimal cutting edge and path

allows us to increase lifecycle of the tool and optimize processing time. And also, by the fact that the mill-turn tables of our machines with up to 8,280 Nm are the strongest in their class.
However, it is important to take into account that high-precision machines in production does not always guarantee perfect machining performance. Why?
Because behind any robot there is a person! In our case it is CAM engineers behind special machining. They are the ones who turn our machines into high-precision metal sculptors. CNC engineers working at Sumar Tools have many years of experience, are precise and attentive, which is another advantage that makes it possible to provide high-precision metalworking services.

we offer complete 5 and 7 axis machining in one set-up

Big work area for using large multi-fixture devices
Thermo symmetrical basic structure
Comprehensive cooling measures

Advantages of Sumar Tools equipment:


Big work area for using large multi-fixture devices


Thermo symmetrical basic structure


Comprehensive cooling measures


Maximum rigidity


Highest accuracy


FMC system

All these facts allow us to carry out the most complex projects and meet the highest standards of our global customers.

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